Microsoft Office is a very popular and useful application. This is designed in a way so that the user can import data from one office program to another easily.

Users can import Word document and even whole Word documents into Excel spreadsheets.

Well, this is very important and often required while working in MS Excel application.

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Just by following few easy steps, you can easily bring text from a catalogue of product description in Word into Excel spreadsheets.

There are plenty of data like pricing, sales or lift tables is produced in annual reports or employee salary surveys right off the page will save you from starting from the beginning.

 Users can also modify the word data after importing into Excel.

But the question arises here how to import data from MS Word to Excel.  Here in this article check out the possible ways importing MS word to MS Excel.

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Steps to Import Data from MS Word to Excel:


1. Single Cell Import


  • Start the Microsoft Excel > open Excel spreadsheet you need importing the word data into.
  • After that click Insert tab > on the ribbon click Object button
  • Now on the object window click “Create from File” > browse MS Word document to import.
  • Double-click the file name > click OK to close Object window. Now you are brought back to Excel spreadsheet with Word file merged into it.

Please Note: Below the ribbon the cell text box shows =EMBED (“Document”,””).

  • Next double click within the Word document for opening it and making it editable. Here the users can perform entire word features, even in the Excel-like modifying or reformatting text.
  • Click File tab > choose Save As > rename existing Excel spreadsheet in place of saving over it (doing this will keep the non-merged version accessible) > click Save button

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2. Import Data Cell by Cell


From importing the data cell by cell, follow the steps given below.

  • Open MS Word > open document with data table to import into Excel
  • No click the small hatch marks in the table > press Ctrl + C to copy table > close Word document.
  • Now open Excel > click cursor into the first cell grid > hit Ctrl + V keys to paste the Word table’s contents. From Word into Excel with similar cell layout, the data is exported. (For instance: if the Word table has two rows with three columns, then the Excel spreadsheet will show two rows with three columns. )

Well, this is all about how to import data from Microsoft word to MS Excel


Bonus Tip:


The Microsoft Word document is pasted into the single Excel cell, in the single cell import process.

And the Excel resizes the grid to fit the cell that might be larger and display the data within the grid.

This process is best for importing the whole Word document like proposals and you don’t require opening the Word document for performing the particular task.

Well, the cell by cell data import process goes best for tables within the Word document.

However, you can even edit the table’s contents, after pasting into Excel application.


 Final Verdict

These are ways through which you can import data from Word to Excel.

Implement the given steps and make your work easy and as well save your precious time.

This is very helpful to maintain data and other data in cells and rows.

So, whenever you need to save your data from Word to Excel, follow the given steps and make your data more presentable and easily understandable.

Excel is an essential application and used in daily life, so it is recommended to handle the Excel file properly and follow best preventive steps to protect your Excel files from getting corrupted.

Despite it, always create a valid backup of your crucial Excel data and as well scan your system with good antivirus program for virus and malware infection.

If, in case you have any additional questions concerning the ones presented, do tell us in the comments section below or you can also visit our Repair MS Excel Ask Question 

Good Luck….

2 Steps to Import Data from MS Word to Excel
2 Steps to Import Data from MS Word to Excel
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2 Steps to Import Data from MS Word to Excel
Check out the complete ways to import data from Word to Excel easily and make your work easy as well save your precious time...
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