Cannot Copy .Xls error

MS Excel is a broadly utilized application all over the world by the users to practice business-centered figures. Excel is used for generating tables; charts, graphs etc. On the other hand, because of unsuitable handling of a system like unexpected system shutdown, while Excel is open, external factors or system issues, the Excel folders befalls unapproachable to users. In such situations, you should substitute damaged file with its most modernized version. Nevertheless, if updated copy of the file is inaccessible then, in this case, you need to make use of the automatic Excel repair utility.

Take into consideration a scenario where you’re functioning Excel spreadsheet that you have to accomplish without delay. You are required to generate its duplicate to your home so that you can finish the task. Then you copied the file into an external storage such as USB flash drive and eject flash drive directly without following the proper procedure. Now, after reaching your home when you try opening the file, the file doesn’t open or you notice that the files you copied are now displaying some sort of corruption errors, such as;

“Cannot copy .xls. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.”

Here, “XLS” is referred to the extension of Excel file.

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The Cannot Copy.Xls error occurs due to several causes, like the file may perhaps not have been properly copied into the external flash drive, or maybe the flash drive is corrupted or infected with the virus and so on.


Automatic Resolution: 


Few most general solutions that you can try to get back your files are trying to open the file in some other PC or you can make use of a dissimilar application to unlock the file. Or you might also try using reorganized backup of the file. If all these stated methods are incapable of restoring your corrupted file, then next most recommended solution will be to make use of a third party repair tool and MS Excel File Repair Tool is a most appropriate option for this purpose. It is designed by professional with highly algorithms and deep scanning technique that can easily repair and retrieve corrupted Excel file without any issue.



Steps to Utilize MS Excel Repair Tool:




Hope in this article you get the ample information of the error cannot copy.XLS in excel. If you are having the recent backup then you can recover it from there. However if not, make use of the automatic repair utility, this will help you to fix the error easily…

Good Luck!!!  


How To Fix “Cannot Copy .Xls.” Error Message
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How To Fix “Cannot Copy .Xls.” Error Message
Facing issue while copying XLS file then make use of a dissimilar application to unlock the file or else recover it with the backup of the file….
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How To Fix ‘Cannot Copy .Xls’ Error Message