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Is your excel spreadsheet is displaying #REF! error in individual or several cells? Want to know how you can fix this  Invalid Cell Reference Error Message? If yes then read the below tutorial as here you will get the best solution to solve this issue.

If your excel workbook can’t properly calculate a formula that you enter in the cell then the program will display error values in that cell as soon as you complete the formula entry. The error begins with a number sign (#).

Reasons Behind Getting the Error:

Invalid cell reference error occurs when a spreadsheet formula contains incorrect cell reference. This error mainly comes when:

  • By mistakenly data containing row or column gets deleted.
  • If a formula has been copied or moved to another cell and the cell reference are incorrect.
  • Data used in the formula must get moved, leaving the formula or function with incorrect cell references.

Other reason to this:

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You may have deleted cells that you might have posted those cells that you moved on the pinnacle of cells passed on by added formulas.

It may be that you might have used linking of an object and link embedding (OLE) to a program that is not working anymore.

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Solutions for #REF! – Invalid Cell Reference Error

  • If error checker is on, then press the button that displays next error and clicks Show Calculation Steps if it emerges. After that go for a declaration that is suitable as per your data.
  • Now change the formula or reinstate cells on worksheets by hitting Undo upon Quick Access Toolbar right away your delete or stick cells.
  • Start the program that is known for an Object Embedding and Linking (OLE).
  • Also check correctly that you make use of correct Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) topic.

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Hope now you are able to get rid of the invalid cell references error in Excel file. We have tried our best to provide the solutions to fix the error. So just make use of it and start using excel file now.

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Resolve Invalid Cell Reference Error Message In MS Excel