Excel 2010 Error in loading DLL

Are you the one struggling with the “Error in loading DLL” error 48 in Excel 2010, then here check out what goes wrong with your Excel  2010 file.

Excel is a very popular and useful application of Microsoft office and just like that DLL is very essential in the Windows operating system

In the Windows operating system, the DLL files play a very important role.  This is having a huge potential value as it includes multiple codes and the procedures that are used for Windows programs.

This allows the program to use their relevant information at the same time.  Just like other files, DLL files are very susceptive to corruption and start showing errors.

And recently many users are found reporting there are getting Error in loading DLL in Excel 2010.  This is a very irritating error as users are unable to access the Excel application

But the good news is that there are certain tweaks that help you to fix Excel 2010 Error in loading DLL. But before further here check out some of the basic reason that causes loading DLL error also known as error 48.


Common Reasons of the DLL Error Loading in Excel 2010


The error has many reasons to occur, such as

  1. The file is not executed in the DLL
  2. The file is not Microsoft Windows DLL
  3. Due to an error in system hardware
  4. Due to the virus infection, DLL file gets corrupted or add some strange code 
  5. DLL references another DLL is not present
  6. The DLL or referenced DLL is not in directory particular in the path.


Issues the Error Gives To the Users


  • When the DLL error arises in the system, it starts crashes the program’s active window.
  • Your system randomly crashes regularly while working on a similar program where the error occurred.
  • System and applications start not responding.
  • The system might freeze for the small time period.

These are scenarios that the users encounter when the DLL Error Loading in Excel 2010 appears. Now check the working solutions to fix Excel 2010 Error loading DLL visual basic error occurs.


How To Fix Excel 2010 Error Loading DLL


#1: Restore Missing DLL Files


It might happen due to the missing DLL file users are facing issues while opening Excel files. So here it is recommended to go into tools menu in the VBA environment > look in reference to check if anything DLL is missing.

If it says DLL is missing then it is missing and tries to restore it. Check in the Recycle Bin or download it from the manufacturer website.

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#2: Copy DLL Files from Working Computer


Here is also a trick to resolve DLL Error loading issue. Try copying the DLL file from the working computers to the non-working computers and after that choose it in the references.

 Hope this works for you to fix the error but if not then follow another solution


#3: Program Reinstallation


If after following the above-given fixes still getting the error in Excel, then it is suggested to reinstall the program that is showing the error message.

So first uninstall the program and after that reinstall the program again. And also make sure that the program is sharing DLL file with any other program or not. if it did so, the avoid reinstalling the program.


# 4: Repair and Clear the Registry


When the DLL error appears, the Windows registry also changes at the same time. The Window registry registers every action that occurs in the system, cleaning Window registry help to fix the error.

But before following the process it is recommended to backup the data carefully.

You can make use of the Registry Repair Tool; this is the best utility to repair damaged, corrupted and other errors in registry entries.

Apart from that the DLL error always comes with data loss or data inaccessibility. So it is important to fix the error as soon as possible.




Excel is quite complex and highly prone to corruption. This easily gets corrupted and starts showing errors.

Well, today in this article I address the Excel 2010 Error Loading DLL issue, this is not completely the error related to Excel document but is related to the DLL errors.

Hope after reading the article and following the given fixes you are able to fix Excel 2010 Error Loading DLL issue.

Try the given fixes to resolve the DLL error and start using your Excel document again.

Apart from that, if due to the error you encountered the data loss situation in Excel then make use of the  MS Excel Repair Tool, this is the best tool and is capable to repair and recover the entire data stored in Excel without any modification.

How to Fix Excel 2010 “Error in Loading DLL” Issue
How to Fix Excel 2010 “Error in Loading DLL” Issue
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How to Fix Excel 2010 “Error in Loading DLL” Issue
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