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Sometimes while using excel workbook, we might make several wrong operations in a big workbook. It is true that by pressing the undo button, you can restore the workbook. But so many times pressing an undo button does not seem a good way. In this article, you can learn some tricks to create a backup of active workbook so that you can quickly and conveniently restore it.

Make Backup of Active Workbook with Excel’s AutoRecover Command


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By default, Microsoft Excel will create backup active workbook automatically so that user can easily recover active workbook with AutoRecover files. Here follow the steps to recover it:

Step 1: First click on “File” in Excel 2010/2013 or Office button in Excel 2007 > click Options button.

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Step 2: Now, scroll down to save workbooks section in save category in Excel Options dialog box.

Step 3: After then, modify the AutoRecover settings according to your requirement.


Notes: It will easily back up active workbook every in 10 minutes according to your settings. Because all former versions are replaced with the latest version, you can only restore the last backup version.

Well, this process will help you to save a backup copy of a workbook. But if in case you lost your backup or while making a backup for active workbook you may lose some important workbook of yours. To recover lost workbook, you can use third-party MS Excel Repair Tool. It is a very effective tool that helps you to retrieve the workbook with all its properties. This tool is capable of repairing all sort of corruption, damages, and errors in excel files. It is a unique tool that repairs multiple corrupted excel file at one time and also recovers everything included charts, cell comments, worksheet properties and other data. You can also preview the files before recovering. This tool is very easy to use and consistent user interface.



Steps to Utilize MS Excel Repair Tool:





Hope by following the solution you can now easily create a backup copy of your workbook data and avoid the data loss situations. But if in case your Excel file gets corrupted or start showing issues then, in this case, make use of the third party MS Excel Repair Tool, and repair the excel file easily as well restore the entire data.

Good Luck!!!



MS Excel creates a backup of active workbook automatically so that you can easily recover active workbook with AutoRecover files, follow steps given here...
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