Microsoft Excel is a popular MS Office application.  This is widely used by small as well as large business sectors. Excel file is used for maintaining and analyzing business data. Microsoft Workbooks is a collection of files that contain more than one worksheet. There are many cases when the Excel file gets corrupted, damaged or start showing error. Here, in this article, know how to repair and recover data from the damaged workbook.

MS Excel is very useful for performing various actions. With the use of its mathematical formula users are able to perform a very small to large calculations very easily. However, this excel file sometimes might become corrupted. There are many reasons due to which the Excel workbook gets corrupted. Here in this article, we are describing the common reasons due to which the Excel file gets damaged and also how to repair the corrupt Workbook and recover data from the damaged workbook


Reasons behind Excel Workbook Corruption 

There are many reasons due to which the Excel file gets corrupted here follow some of the common reasons and know how to recover data from a damaged workbook.

  • Virus Infection: One of the most common reasons behind the corruption of Excel file is the virus infection. A computer virus is a malicious program that is designed in a way that they corrupt file system of your computer or it may damage some saved files as well. If your computer is infected with any such kind of virus then the chances of corruption become higher.
  • Improper System Shutdown: Sometimes, your excel file may also become corrupted due to improper system shutdown. However, sometimes reasons like sudden power cut or due to any other reason your computer turns off suddenly and the chances to open MS Excel sheet Closes all the opened files improperly during the shutdown.
  • Large Size of Excel File: MS Excel file is not a database that can handle and manage a large amount of information. So, if your Excel file is too large in size then the chances of corruption is possible.
  • ­­Generation of bad sectors on your data storage device: Some of the data storage devices like external hard drive, local hard drive, pen drive, etc can develop bad sectors. If you have saved your Excel sheet in the bad sector then it may get corrupted.
  • MS Excel application issues: MS Excel application issues like an unexpected closing of an open Excel sheet or improper closing of an opened file can corrupt MS Excel file.

When the Excel file gets corrupted it start showing various errors. Here follow some of the common errors encountered by the users.

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Common Errors Encountered by the Users:


It has been observed that a damaged excel file throws an error message whenever you try to open it, perform other activities on it or start editing it. The most common error messages that you can get while accessing an Excel file are as follows:

  • “Microsoft Excel has encountered a problem and needs to close.”
  • “Excel unable to read file”
  • “This file is not in a recognizable format.”
  • “Filename is not valid.”
  • “The file is corrupt and cannot be opened”
  • “abc.xls file cannot be accessed. The file may be read-only.”
  • “Excel found unreadable content in (filename)”

Most probably, when any of above error messages occurs then it causes complete inaccessibility of all the data stored in it.


Ways to Repair Corrupt/Damaged Excel Workbook 


1. Open and Repair

In the recent version of Microsoft Office, if any corruption is detected By Microsoft Excel, then it would automatically start its File Recovery mode. And if it doesn’t you have to do it manually, by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Click on File > Open it.
  • Go to the folder location where the corrupted workbook is saved.
  • And Open dialog box, > then choose the corrupted workbook.
  • You will find an arrow beside the Open button click on it and then select Open and Repair.
  • By clicking on Repair, you can recover the data from the workbook.

If you are unable to recover the data from Repair option then you can select the option Extract Data for extracting the formulas and values from the workbook.

2. Automatically Save Backup Copy of a Workbook

Even though your workbook is deleted accidentally or if it becomes corrupted/damaged, you will never lose access to your data if you have a backup copy.

  • Click File>Save As
  • Click computer and then click on the Browse option.
  • In the save as dialogue box, click the arrow next to Tools and then click general options.
  • In the General Options box, check the Always create a backup.

3. Create a File Recovery at Set Intervals

Recovery file of your workbook also helps ensure you will have access to your data if your workbook is deleted accidentally or somehow gets corrupted.

  • Click File > Options.
  • In the same category under save workbook option, check the Save Auto Recover information every  Here enter a number of minutes that you want to set, the default is 10.
  • In the Auto Recover file location box, also enter the location where you want to save your recovered file.
  • Also, check that the Disable Auto Recover for this workbook only box is kept unchecked.


Automatic Solution: Microsoft Excel Repair Tool


Make use of the professional recommended MS Excel Repair tool, this is the best tool to fix any type of issues and also able to recovers entire excel data including the charts, worksheet properties cell comments, and other important data easily. It is a professional recommended solution to fix corrupt excel file. This is the unique tool that repairs multiple files at one time and restores entire data in the preferred location. This supports all versions of Excel file and compatible with both Windows as well as Mac OS.



Steps to Utilize MS Excel Repair Tool:




Hope after following the solution given in the article you are able to recover data from damaged Excel Workbook. You can make use of the given manual methods to repair and recover the Excel workbook. But if the manual solution won’t work for you then make use of the automatic solution. So make use of it and start using the Excel workbook without any hassle.

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How Repair and Recover Data from Damaged Workbook on Windows/Mac