Fix Memory Error on Microsoft Excel

Memory issues are very common while dealing with the Microsoft Excel application, no matter what version you are using as memory error may appear on any of the Microsoft version (from 2010 to 2016).

There are different types of memory errors that can appear and prevent user to execute a specific action. In this blog, we will discuss several of the Microsoft Excel Memory error and try different solutions to get rid of them.

But before going to troubleshoot the memory error, it is recommended that find out the root cause of this error first as through this we can prevent the Microsoft memory error in the future.

After launching the Microsoft Excel 2016, Microsoft is pressurizing the users to install 64-bit Office in order to skip the running out of memory and resources issues. In their previous version of Excel, Microsoft suggested 32-bit because some of the controls and add-ins were not yet present in the 64-bit compatible versions. If you are dealing with a lot of macros then it is recommended to test it first before migrating to 64-bit Excel.

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Now, coming to the point, let’s start solving different memory errors one by one:


Getting “Not Enough Memory” Error messages while trying to copy formulas over large area in Excel

You will receive “Not Enough Memory” Error messages when you try to fill or copy formulas into a large area of a worksheet. This error message may also appear when you try to add formulas to a large worksheet. In both instances you will receive the same error message saying that:

Not enough memory.

Not enough system resources to display completely.

Why this error is triggering?

As we already discussed that each of the Microsoft Excel version such as Microsoft Excel 2007, Excel 2010, and Excel 2013 32-bit is set to 2 GB of memory which is also called the internal heap space. Along with the memory, each of the instances is also set to the 32,760 source cells to do a smart fill operation. When you try to copy the large sections of a worksheet, then due to these limitations you will get the memory error.

How to solve this error?

In order to solve this issue, follow the given steps carefully:

Step 1: Try to fill only the part of the range that you want to fill.

Step 2: Choose only the end row or last two rows of the filled choice, and then paste beyond down the sheet.

Step 3: Now, you have to do again step 2 until you have filled the complete range that you want to fill.

In order to get rid of memory limit, you should split your tasks into smaller workbooks, and try to open them in different instances of Microsoft Excel.


Microsoft OFFICE 2016- There isn’t enough memory to complete this action.

This issue generally appears while trying to erase one single row in an excel sheet. It throws an error message “there is not enough memory to complete this action” and after it Microsoft Excel gets freezes.

The cause behind this issue is not clear, but you can solve this issue with ease. Follow the below given steps one by one to get rid of this problem:

First of all, confirm that all of your system drivers are updated. Also, update the Microsoft Office. To do this go through the, FILE> Account> Office Update> Update Now.

After it, you need to unmark ‘Disable hardware graphics acceleration’ by going through File>Option>Advanced >Display

Now, check that the issue is gone or not.


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Microsoft Excel Cannot Open or Save Any More Documents Because there is Not Enough Available Memory or Disk Space

This error message is very irritating, as your computer or laptop have enough disk space in C or D drive and memory but excel shows you don’t have enough memory available.

Generally, this error message appears on the Excel files that contain complicated formulas, calculations, or external resources.

That’s why; the security settings in Microsoft Excel will stop opening these files and shows this irrelevant error message.

It is clear that this issue is related to the built-in security settings of Excel 2013 or 2016. Follow the given steps to get rid of this issue:

Step 1: First, you have to create a new Excel file and then navigate to the Options from File Menu.

Step 2: Click on the Trust Center Settings and under the Trust Center settings, uncheck all checkboxes in Protected.

Through this, you will help the Excel file to open without any security errors like “Microsoft Excel cannot open or save any more documents because there is not enough available memory or disk space”.

Once you press the OK and applied the settings then try to open the same Excel file which is showing the error.


Unable to open the attachments in Excel because of the “there isn’t enough memory or disk space” Error

In order to get rid of this error and allow more memory, you have to exit from the workbooks or close the application that you don’t need. In order to free disk space, erase files that you don’t need.

If this issue is occurring with a particular file then it is sure that it is a file specific issue.

So, first, you have to find out the file format of the attached file. Try to save the file locally on your computer and then try to open the file.

Right click on the locally saved file and go to its Properties and unmark the Block option and then again try to open the file.

In case you are still unable to open the file in Microsoft Excel then you have to open the file in CSV file format. To do this, go to the save as option and save the file as a CSV format. After it, try to open the file and check for the issue.


“Excel has ran out of resources” whilst working on Microsoft Excel

This issue generally appears on 32 bit Excel, but sometimes also affect the 64 bit Excel.

To fix this issue you have to set your paging file size to automatic, follow the below-given steps:

Navigate through the Start->Control Panel->Advanced System Settings->Advanced->Performance : Settings…->Advanced->Virtual Memory: Change…-> Now, you have to mark the box for Automatically manage paging file size for all drives.

At last, click on the OK buttons to close all windows.



So, it is hoped that after applying the above-given solutions your excel file will become error free.  All the given solutions are very simple to apply so you don’t have to call any professional or pay a single penny.

But, if you have any other type of memory error on excel file then kindly contact us at:



How to Fix Memory Error on Microsoft Excel without calling any Excel Professional?
How to Fix Memory Error on Microsoft Excel without calling any Excel Professional?
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How to Fix Memory Error on Microsoft Excel without calling any Excel Professional?
Want to get rid of Memory Error on Microsoft Excel file without calling any Excel Professional then simply follow the given solutions carefully.
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