Are you the one facing various issues while using the Excel COUNTIF function, than this article is for you? Here check out the common Excel COUNTIF function issues and how to fix it…

MS Excel is undoubtedly one of the most powerful program of Microsoft Office suite. Due to its flexibility and ease of use this is used worldwide to carry out different tasks.

Microsoft Excel is used by the scientists, entrepreneurs, analytics, professionals, students, etc to carry out different tasks like solve complex calculations, maintain stats, maintain data, create report etc.

This is reason Microsoft Excel is incorporated with various useful functions and features such as Vlookup, CountIF, Pivot Table, Fill handle and many others. But in many cases this does not perform the same and start showing errors.

In my earlier blogs I described some of the Excel functions related issues and their solutions to get rid of the issue and start using it again.

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And today in this article I’ll describe the issues related to the Excel useful function – COUNTIF.

Excel’s COUNTIF function is very useful and used to make the task easy. The COUNTIFS function counts the number of cells in a range the matches the given criteria or this returns the cells count that meet one or more criteria. This can be used with the criteria based on dates, number, text and other conditions.

However apart from its uses, in many cases users are found reporting Excel Countif Issues.

So here check out the issues related to CountIF function and its fixes.


Excel COUNTIF Problems and Fixes:


#Problem 1: Excel COUNTIF/COUNTIFS #Value Error


This is an issues related to the cells in closed workbook. When the COUNTIF/COUNTIFS functions refers to the cell or range in a closed workbook result in #VALUE! Error. This is common issue related to many other Excel functions like SUMIF, SUMIFS, COUNTBLANK etc.


To fix the COUNTIF #Value error, open the linked workbook specifies in the formula and hit F9 to refresh the formula. Doing this will fix the #value error.


#Problem 2: COUNTIF Not Working


This is very irritating issue and there is no any particular reasons behind facing the COUNTIF function not working.

So, here it is recommended to check your formula twice as a small mistake can become a big headache for you.


  • The very first thing to solve the COUNTIF not working issue is be careful while writing the formula
  • Secondly, check the symbols carefully. Microsoft have decided to separate the parameters users need to make use of ; ( semicolon) instead of using , (comma)

Please Note: If your issue is resolved, than it emerges that the ‘List Separator’ character in Windows > Control Panel > Region and Language > Additional Settings > Number> List Separator is a semicolon instead of comma. You can change it back to comma and your formula in Excel start working again.

  • Also remember to add the (*asterisks). The * asterisks are the wildcards for any characters. This means “count if this cell includes the substring anywhere in the cell”. So it necessary to place it before or after the search string once to get the correct answer.


#Problem 3: COUNTIF Function Too Slow


In many cases users are found reporting that COUNTIF Function is very slow. Well this is very irritating situation but can be solved easily.


  • The reason behind COUNTIF slow functioning can be your data, trying placing the number in ascending order and restrict the ranges.
  • Turn off the automatic calculations like Formulas ribbon tab, calculation options drop down, manual
  • Turn off the option “Recalculate workbook before saving” (Options, formulas tab, calculation options section)
  • Change reference to column A to reference a dynamic named range.


# Problem 4: Countif Function Not Counting All the Values in Range


This is another common issue that many users are found reporting while using the COUNTIF function. Users are getting the result zero in all cells.


  • Well this can be a formatting issue so check what goes wrong
  • Also in excel if the range contains irregular cells (empty row or column) than the range will be reduced at the empty cell the part of the empty row or column.
  • The COUNTIF function not directly maintains data or ranges based on the background colour or data cells font colour. Remember Excel only support the definition of User-Defined Functions (UDFs) by using the Microsoft Visual basic for Applications Editor, for supporting Excel operations on cells and tables using colour for data marking.


# Problem 5: COUNTIF Function Display Wrong Value Returned For Long Strings.


In many cases users are found reporting that making use of the COUNTIF function displays the wrong value for the long strings.

So here know what goes wrong:


  • The COUNTIF function returns the incorrect result if you are trying to match the strings longer than 255 characters.
  • So check for it and to match strings longer than 255 characters make use of the CONCATENATE functions or the concatenate operator &. For instance: = COUNTIF (A3:A6, “long string” & “another long string”).

So, these are some of the common Excel COUNTIF function issues and its fixes. Hope after following the given fixes you are able to solve the problem.

Well, if you want to become more productive and learn more Excel functions & features to perform the task easily then visit: Learn Advanced Excel.




So this is all about the Excel COUNTIF function issues.

I tried by best to put together the common issues that many Excel users face time to time. I also tried to my best to provide the working solutions to fix the issue.

Read the article to get rid of the COUNTIF issues and make use of it to carry out values easily.

Additionally, Excel is an essential application and used in daily life, so it is recommended to handle the Excel file properly and follow best preventive steps to protect your Excel files from getting corrupted.

Despite it, always create a valid backup of your crucial Excel data and as well scan your system with good antivirus program for virus and malware infection.

If, in case you have any additional questions concerning the ones presented, do tell us in the comments section below or you can also visit our Repair MS Excel Ask Question

Good Luck….

5 Excel COUNTIF Function Issues & Fixes
5 Excel COUNTIF Function Issues & Fixes
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5 Excel COUNTIF Function Issues & Fixes
Excel COUNTIF is a very useful function but in many cases this not works the same and starts showing issue. So here in this article check the common COUNTIF function issues and its fixes...
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